Cultural Centre DamaD is a non-governmental, non-partisan and nonprofit organization whose mission is building a democratic multi-ethnic identity, multireligious and multicultural communities and the country as a whole, the promotion of culture of peace and tolerance and encouraging dialogue and cooperation, enhancing, protecting and promoting human and minority rights, especially rights to a life without violence, empowerment of women and promotion of gender equality as a precondition for sustainable development, education for democracy, building lasting changes in attitudes and perceptions of people, empowering citizens to actively participate in decision-making, publicly advocating for changes that lead to a more open, democratic and civil society.

DamaD was established in July, 1992 on the initiative of a group of independent intellectuals who spoke out against nationalism, interethnic divisions, intolerance and other forms of political, cultural and social deviation, during the time of war in Bosnia, and in an atmosphere when many rushed to war or were silent before the horrors of war.

In this sense, our work is focused on four strategic priorities:
• Interethnic and interreligious dialogue and cooperation
• Democratization and civic participation
• Equal opportunities, non-discrimination and gender equality
• Government transparency and accountability

DamaD promotes human rights and gender equality, dialogue and cooperation, women and youth empowerment, leadership and engagement, government accountability and transparency; promotes and protects women’s human rights and works to eliminate violence against women and children, and achieving gender equality.

During past two decades, DamaD has cherished the culture of open dialogue, rejecting a culture of hypocrisy and suppression. And acting within that theme, we are continuously organizing series of round tables and discussions where taboo topics and issues are discussed, examined and transformed.